5 Ways to Manage Your Cannabis Tolerance

The more you use cannabis, the higher your tolerance will be. The higher your tolerance, the more you have to use to get the “high” you’re looking for.

Some people wear high tolerance like a badge of honor. But people with lower tolerance levels can actually feel the effects of marijuana much more easily while consuming far less. 

Whether you use marijuana for medical reasons or enjoy it recreationally, the point is to feel the effects. And the higher your tolerance level, the more difficult that is to do.

Is it time to bring your tolerance down a bit?

Here are five ways to manage your cannabis tolerance that will help you consume less and enjoy your next marijuana experience that much more. 

Take a T-Break

A tolerance break (aka T-break) is the most common approach to managing marijuana tolerance.

WebMD reports that it takes approximately three weeks for THC to leave your system. So the conventional wisdom is that the ideal T-break should be a minimum of 21 days.

But for daily users or multiple-times-a-day users, 21 days can be a really long time.

A T-break gives you the opportunity to flush all THC out of your system. If you can, refrain from using marijuana for three weeks. If you can’t, take a break for at least four or five days. Even a short T-break can help bring your tolerance down a bit.

Use Cannabis With Lower Amounts of THC

Walk into any dispensary and you’re likely to see marijuana flowers and pre-rolls ranging in THC levels from about 17% to 30% or more. Many consumers think that the higher the THC level, the more potent the high will be, so they look only at the THC levels when deciding which strain to buy.

What many cannabis consumers don’t realize is that higher THC levels do not necessarily mean a more potent high. Other factors contribute to the potency of the strain, such as the terpenes and other cannabinoids in the plant.  

Using marijuana with higher THC levels won’t get you any higher, but it will increase your tolerance. You can lower it by choosing strains that are a bit lower in THC or have a higher percentage of CBD.

Smoke Less Each Time

Whether you smoke it or consume it as edibles, the more marijuana you use, the more you’ll need to feel high.

An easy way to reset your tolerance is simply to smoke less than usual each time. Instead of smoking two bowls, smoke one. Instead of eating an entire edible, eat half. You can bring your tolerance down just by cutting back, even a little bit every day.

Once you do reset your tolerance, consider sticking with smaller doses rather than overindulging and resuming your pattern of using it in high doses.

Smoke Less Frequently 

Waking and baking is a ritual for many, but it won’t do you any good if you’re trying to manage or reset your tolerance.

Smoking as soon as you wake up often leads to smoking multiple times throughout the day, and frequent smoking leads to higher tolerance levels. Skip the morning wake and bake and you may be less inclined to smoke throughout the day. 

You can smoke less frequently just by altering your regular smoking habits. For example, if your daily routine is to come home from work, smoke, eat dinner, and smoke again, cut back by skipping the pre-dinner session.

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Reset Your Tolerance with THCV

Another way to reset your tolerance is to take THCV. THC desensitizes CB1 receptors in the brain, but THCV does the opposite. THCV reverses the effects of THC on the CB1 receptors in the brain.

With desensitized CB1 receptors, the brain is less responsive to THC. Taking THCV stops those receptors from becoming desensitized, which can bring you out of a current high, reset your tolerance, and make it easier to get high again.

Learn more about how THCV can reset your marijuana tolerance.

In Conclusion

There are many ways to lower your tolerance level for cannabis.

Take a break and don’t use it at all for a few days or a few weeks. Opt for strains that are lower in THC content. Smoke smaller doses than normal and smoke less frequently than you currently do. Take a THCV supplement that can reverse the effects of THC on the brain.

Like all good things, cannabis is best when consumed in moderation. Whether you use it recreationally or rely on it for medical purposes, managing your tolerance level allows you to use less and enjoy it more.

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