DTF Printing Ought to Select Chilly Tear Movie or Scorching Tear Movie? Which Is Higher to Peel Off?

DTF printing has a variety of makes use of, and the method and impact are continuously up to date.

The identical is that when the recent movie is printed on the substrate, it’s essential to tear off the movie to be counted as finishing the whole sizzling printing course of.

Nevertheless, some PET films must be sizzling torn, and a few must be chilly torn, and many purchasers will query why that is? Which membrane is healthier?

Right this moment, I’ll take you to know the magic of sizzling movie.

Scorching Peel Movie

The primary launch element of the recent tear movie is wax, the relative ink absorption efficiency is poor, and the small letters are straightforward to fall off (to resolve this drawback, you’ll be able to think about using DTF switch paper, the small character can also be very clear), however the floor brightness is giant after thorough cooling.

Switch the recent print to the material by the press, and tear away whereas it’s sizzling, saving ready time and bettering work effectivity.

Tear off inside 9 seconds after opening the press (ambient temperature 35℃), or tear off when the movie floor temperature is bigger than 100℃, if not torn off in time, the cooling glue will stick with the clothes, inflicting issue in tearing between the garments and the movie, and there could also be issues akin to sample residue.

Chilly Peel Movie

The primary launch element of chilly tear movie is silicon, the product has good stability, and the colour is matte after thorough cooling.

Switch first, after which gently tear off the movie after cooling (temperature beneath 55℃), in any other case it’s prone to tear the recent portray sample.

What Is The Distinction Between Scorching And Chilly Tear Movie?

  1. Coloration

The colour of sizzling tear movie is brighter, and the colour expression is robust; The colour of the chilly tear movie is matte, and the feel is stronger.

  1. Coloration Fastness

Each colour fastness is analogous, can attain the washing diploma 3+ stage.

  1. Urgent Necessities

Scorching tear movie urgent time, temperature, stress and different necessities are extra strict, below regular circumstances, 140-165℃, stress 4-5KG, urgent 8-10 seconds can simply obtain sizzling tear.

Chilly tear movie is comparatively decrease necessities.

  1. The Distinction in Tensile Resistance

Neither of them will stretch and crack after urgent.

  1. The Distinction in Effectivity

The pursuit of effectivity is optionally available sizzling tear movie, chilly tear movie must be heat or cool when it’s higher to tear.

Now along with sizzling tear movie and chilly tear movie, there’s additionally a extra complete movie available on the market – cold and hot tear movie, whether or not it’s chilly tear or sizzling tear, doesn’t have an effect on the standard of sizzling stamping.

Sublistar offers a full vary of sizzling stamping movies akin to chilly tear movie, sizzling tear movie, hot and cold tear movie and numerous attribute movies, main analysis and growth components, good launch and stability.

For instance, dazzling reflective movie, vibrant reflective silver movie, appropriate to be used in a darkish surroundings, appeal to consideration.

Along with completely different peeling strategies, there are additionally single/double-sided factors.


How Ought to Clients Select A Single/Double Masks?

  1. Clients who use greater than 3 head sizzling stamping printers recommend selecting a double masks, due to the quick printing velocity, it’s not straightforward to slide when selecting a double masks to print, which might make the printing level extra correct.
  1. Scorching movie printing sample after baking, must retailer a sure time frame after which switch to the clothes of the client, it is suggested to decide on a double masks;
  1. Clients utilizing lower than 3 heads of DTF printers, and the printing sample after baking on the identical day of sizzling printing prospects, it is suggested to decide on a single masks;

Why Is Scorching Movie Not Good To Tear?

  1. The temperature of the stamping shouldn’t be appropriate, and the stamping machine have to be adjusted to the suitable temperature upfront.
  1. The stress of sizzling stamping shouldn’t be sufficient, the stress of sizzling stamping ought to be elevated, the better the stress, the higher the impact of sizzling stamping.
  1. There isn’t any appropriate view of the peeling manner of the movie, the recent tear movie is used as a chilly tear movie, or the chilly tear movie is used as a sizzling tear movie, and it’s needed to tell apart between the chilly tear movie and the recent tear movie when utilizing.

In abstract, in response to completely different cloth traits to develop correct temperature, time, stress, which is the three parts of switch.

The best way to Choose DTF Printing Movie?

  1. The sample after switch is like the feel of PU glue, the tensile resilience is robust and doesn’t deform, and the texture is softer than the glue (30~50% softer than the sample printed by the oily coating movie).
  1. Adapt to the overwhelming majority of ink available in the market, 100% ink quantity, don’t accumulate ink doesn’t stream ink.
  1. The floor of the movie is dry, can sprinkle 50-200 sq. powder with out sticking powder, the image is an image, the powder is powder, the place there’s ink, the place with out ink is spotless.

(4) The discharge is simple and clear, the printing movie doesn’t depart ink, the sample doesn’t depart layers.


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