How to Hide Subscribers on Your YouTube Channel?

Are you searching for a query on the internet on how to hide your subscribers on YouTube? If yes, then we got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will let you know how you can hide your subscribers on YouTube.At the same time, we will also explore some facts regarding why creators try to hide their subscribers and the impact of hiding subscribers on YouTube channels. 

Our discussion will end with a short but effective guide on how you can increase your YouTube subscribers quickly and safely. So, let’s begin your YouTube subscriber’s journey here:

Why do creators hide their subscribers on YouTube?

There are several reasons counted based on which creators need to hide their subscribers on YouTube channels. These reasons are listed below:

  • Creators may be micro-influencers and do not want to show themselves as a platform with a lower number of subscribers.
  • Sometimes, creators’ numbers of subscribers are dipped due to some reasons and they want to hide them until they reach their ideal count.
  • For some new creators, having a lower number of subscribers may be an obstacle to targeting a large audience. Sometimes, the content is good but people do not take channels as credible sources because of the low number of subscribers.

There can be any other but solid reasons behind hiding subscribers on YouTube channels. However, if you are thinking that hiding subscribers can hurt your channel. The answer to this query is, “may or may not be”. Sometimes, users do not bother why a YouTube channel hides its subscribers. Sometimes, users are curious about this activity and may find the channel a noncredible source.

A guide to hide your subscribers on YouTube

Those who have some genuine reasons and want to hide their subscribers on YouTube channels can perform the action easily. Just follow the given steps to hide your subscribers on your YouTube channel:

Step 1: Go to your YouTube channel and visit YouTube Studio. For this purpose, log in to your YouTube channel. Now click on your icon available at the top right. You will find a dropdown menu where you can enter YouTube Studio.

Step 2: In YouTube Studio you will find the Settings button near the bottom. Hit the button and you will find a sub-menu. Now, click on the channel option available on the left side. Then click or hit on the Advanced Settings option.

Step 3: In the advanced setting tab, you will find the option of Subscriber count. There you will find the option to “Display the number of people subscribed to my channel”. Just uncheck this option. You are done now. Nobody except you can see the followers or subscribers on the YouTube channel.

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Tips to increase subscribers on the YouTube channel

If you are hiding your subscriber count due to lower numbers or other related issues, you must follow the YouTube marketing strategy. It helps you gain more YouTube subscribers.

YouTube has become the most popular social media channel or platform. In 2023, with more than 2.5 billion monthly active users, YouTube has become the 2nd largest social media channel. Having your business presence to such a large number of community or users will surely help you get quick success. Let’s start increasing your YouTube subscriber count.

1. Focus on quality content

Whatever the platform is or whatever format you are with, content quality is always the priority. Ensure that your video quality is good. Content quality is not only about the good resolution of your video. Quality may also depend on several other factors. For example, relevancy, credibility, authenticity, and formatting, all collectively ensure the quality of the content.

Whatever the length of the content or video is, try to make it interesting to such an extent that users will remain engaged with it till the end. Use extra features, including infographics, credible sources links, and relevant references to make it more informative and authentic content.

2. Interact with your audience

Experts suggest interacting with your viewers as it helps in building relationships and trust. You can interact with them through likes and comments. First of all, you must allow your users to comment on your videos. Then like the comments you find valuable and appreciable. This will encourage users.

On the other hand, when a user asks something related to your video or information, you must reply to them and bring possible solutions for them. This is considered the most effective way to prioritize your viewers. They will surely subscribe to you and also share your channel with others who are looking for the same information.

3. Do not confuse your audience

It has been seen that some YouTubers confuse their audience and they get rejected from them – which means the audience does not follow them. What YouTubers do is create a cover image or thumbnail with compelling images and captions, encouraging viewers to view it immediately. But what happens actually is that the information is totally opposing the thumbnail.

This thing may provide YouTubers with views, but they totally failed to engage viewers as their subscribers. When you make viewers confused or disappointed, they will never want to see you again. Always try to be informative and authentic on YouTube. It will help you gain more followers or subscribers.

4. Promote your content on other social media channels

Social media marketing experts suggest YouTubers promote their content to different channels. After publishing your video on YouTube, you must also share it on other platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. In this way, you can boost your content to more people, helping you increase YouTube views.

At the same time, when people will find your content informative and authentic, they will surely subscribe to you for further informative content or videos. Try to grow all of your social media channels at first and then share your video content through all of them.

5. Try to add engaging content

Users or viewers like your channel or content if they feel it is engaging and informative. Here we would like to share some tips, proposed by experts, to help you make your content more engaging and inviting.

Tell your viewers what exceptional benefits they can get after using your services. You can also share the manufacturing or packaging processes of your products. Another amazing way is to add tutorials on how to use a particular product or give your viewers a comparison between two products. For further improvement, you can announce your upcoming products or services through short videos. All the ideas will encourage your audience to stay engaged with your content.


If you are looking to hide your subscriber count or followers on the YouTube channel, the above-given guide is enough for you. However, if you are hiding your subscriber count because you have less number of users, you must plan a marketing strategy to increase your YouTube subscribers. The given guide can help you reach the targeted number of followers or subscribers.


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