The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Background Check Service

Background checks are a vital part of the hiring process for many organizational roles. You must run one to avoid negligent hiring lawsuits.

However, finding a reliable service provider can be a challenge. Here’s what to look for in a provider that will meet your needs.

What You Need

A quality background check can save an organization time, money, and grief. In addition to reducing the risk of hiring an inmate or felon, criminal records can reveal work-related claims, such as theft, fraud, sexual harassment, and even legal issues like financial litigation.

A reputable provider will search public records for addresses, criminal records, and more. They will also look for any licensing, certifications, or bar memberships and verify whether these have been issued. They will also contact colleges or universities listed on resumes to confirm that the degrees are valid.

For small businesses, a good background check service will include the option to run searches on an as-needed basis without a subscription fee. Similarly, large organizations may want to select one that is aware of local laws and regulations when it comes to screening candidates. The best background check services will understand these local laws and provide a way to filter results based on the candidate’s location.

What You Want

A good background check service will balance speed and depth of information. It will also offer an option for customers to add extra features like dark web scanning and identity protection services to their plans at an additional cost.

For example, the best service may provide a single report covering all categories of information like criminal records, education, financial standing, and more for a reasonable price. It should also be fast and provide a clear timeframe to receive results.

Larger companies might need to work with a full-service company that understands their recruiting strategy and desired employee type to help them interpret test results and develop their hiring plan. The best services will also keep up with legal developments to support compliance and mitigate risk for their clients.

While a background check can reveal much information, making decisions about a prospect’s fitness for work based on irrelevant information is illegal. For example, asking about genetic information or a family’s medical history violates privacy and could get a business in trouble.

What You Can’t Have

There are strict rules regarding what information can be accessed through background checks. Some searches are considered consumer reports under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which requires written consent before a third party can run one on your behalf. There are also stipulations about what information can be revealed, such as an individual’s race or religion, which is why many organizations work with an FCRA-compliant company.

Full-service companies can save time and help you develop a hiring strategy aligned with your budget. They can provide a mobile dashboard and integrate it into existing systems to streamline the process. They also have expertise in understanding test results and interpreting their significance.

Some sites offer a complete suite of services in a single membership package. In contrast, others break up their offerings into packages like criminal records searches, social media searches, or phone and email lookups. These can be useful for individuals looking for lost friends or family members.


Recruiting leaders are already under pressure to source talent more efficiently and cost-effectively. The last thing they need is to spend valuable time combing through invoices to ensure their background checks are accurate and fair.

A quality background check can reveal a wealth of information about an individual’s criminal history, financial standing, and educational achievements. While it is technically possible to search for this data independently, the effort and expense involved make hiring a reputable and affordable background check service an intelligent choice.

The type and depth of screening required can significantly affect the cost of third-party background checks. For example, some roles may require a more detailed level of scrutiny than others, such as determining whether a candidate is on the Global Sanctions Watchlist. Consider all cost components, including third-party access fees and additional charges. It is essential to avoid being “nickel-and-dimmed” by a vendor that hides these costs in their bundled package price. Read more exciting articles on Tech new master


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