Top Career Options in Sales – The Complete Guide

Working in sales involves building relationships, communicating effectively, and negotiating deals while possessing extensive subject-matter expertise and domain-specific knowledge. It includes selling and promoting products efficiently. This blog will discuss various sales jobs available in India today.

Career Options in Sales

Sales jobs exist across industries and can help you advance in your career. It can also provide great job satisfaction if working closely with people is something you find rewarding. Here are some of the top career options you can choose from in sales.

1. Account Executive

Account executives are essential in sales and business growth. Their primary mission is to cultivate strong client relationships by understanding client’s needs, devising solutions to address them, and offering products or services that fulfill them. They serve as the main link between the company and its clients, responding to inquiries, negotiating deals, and assuring customer satisfaction.

Their job involves identifying and reaching out to potential clients directly before creating tailored sales strategies to meet client objectives. Account executives collaborate closely with internal marketing and customer support teams to ensure smooth communication and service delivery.

Salaries of account executives in India may vary significantly based on experience, location, and industry. Executives can expect annual salaries between INR 3-6 lakhs; experienced professionals could make over INR 10 lakhs annually.

2. Sales Development Representative (SDR)

An SDR (Sales Development Representative) is essential to the sales process. Their primary responsibility is identifying and qualifying leads or customers that could become customers for the sales team and initiating contact through various means (email, phone calls, social media, etc.).

SDRs serve as the vital link between marketing and sales teams, facilitating an effortless flow of leads from one stage to the next. By forging relationships and gathering crucial information from leads that may convert into customers, SDRs assist sales representatives in prioritizing leads with greater chances of turning into actual customers. 

Indian SDR salaries depend upon factors like experience, location, and industry. On average, however, an entry-level SDR could receive between INR 3-6 lakhs annually.

3. Chief Sales Officer

Chief sales officers represent the pinnacle of sales leadership. This scarce yet highly sought-after role, typically found within large multinational organizations, should be the ultimate aim of your sales career. They require exceptional skills in leadership, business development, revenue growth tactics, and strategy formation.

They work directly to increase business sales and profit levels while performing essential duties such as forecasting sales targets for execution with smooth cross-functional management procedures and reporting results back seamlessly across their teams. They earn around INR 10-15 lakhs annually.

4. Account Manager

An account manager is an individual in charge of developing and nurturing relationships between their company and clients or customers. They serve as the main point of contact, attending to client needs, resolving issues, and assuring client satisfaction.

Account managers usually collaborate with various teams within their organization to provide products or services that align with client expectations. They aim to foster long-term partnerships by upselling or cross-selling opportunities and keeping existing clientele.

Indian accounts manager salaries vary considerably based on experience, industry, location, and other variables. For example, sales jobs in Delhi pay more than sales jobs in a remote city. Entry-level jobs offer INR 3 to 5 lakhs annually. With more experience, you can get up to INR 15 lakhs or INR 20 lakhs annually.

5. Director of Sales

The Director of Sales works collaboratively with sales managers to set goals, anticipate outcomes, define targets, and maintain levels. They play an instrumental role in recruitment efforts and convey high-level directives across the sales team.

Their duties likely involve overseeing the performance of the sales department. The director of sales can earn up to INR 8-12 lakhs annually.

6. VP of Sales

A Vice President of Sales is an executive who is accountable for leading and overseeing the sales team within an organization. Their responsibilities include setting goals, developing strategies, overseeing operations, and driving revenue growth. To become a VP of Sales requires years of progressive experience within sales roles with demonstrated strong leadership qualities, strategic thinking, and proven success at meeting targets.

Aspiring Vice-Presidents of Sales in India typically begin as sales representatives or managers, gaining experience while demonstrating their abilities to lead and manage teams. Further career advancement may involve expanding territories, managing more complex sales operations, and consistently exceeding sales targets.

India offers variable salaries for Vice Presidents of Sales depending on factors like company size, industry, location, and experience. On average, the Indian VP of Sales typically earns from INR 15 lakhs to INR 40 lakhs annually, with potential bonuses and incentives linked to performance.

7. Regional Sales Manager

Regional Sales Managers are professionals in senior roles within sales. These individuals are accountable for overseeing SDRs, sales reps, and account managers and creating data-backed strategies to assist companies in reaching their business goals. 

They must possess excellent motivational and monitoring abilities and team building and people management abilities. Furthermore, this role includes hiring/firing procedures and performance appraisals/reviews as part of its responsibilities. Additionally, it offers competitive compensation packages. They earn up to INR 15 lakhs per annum.


The world of sales offers numerous exciting and fulfilling career options. Ranging from a sales representative to overseeing strategic leadership as Vice President of Sales, individuals can find something suitable to their skills, interests, and aspirations in this exciting profession. Technology and changing consumer behaviors have created an ever-evolving sales environment, offering opportunities for innovation and growth. Whether your strength lies in building relationships, analyzing market trends, or devising sales strategies, everyone can find their niche within sales.


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